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Binäre Optionen Automatische Software

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If you want to communicate with non-Linksys wireless products or Windows XP Zero Configuration, make a note of the WEP key generated in the Key 1 field, and enter it manually in the wireless computer or client.

WEP keys enable you to create an encryption scheme for wireless network transmissions. If you are not using a Passphrase, then manually enter a set of values.

Do not leave a key field blank, and do not enter all zeroes; they are not valid key values. If you are using bit WEP encryption, the key must be exactly 10 hexadecimal characters in length.

If you are using bit WEP encryption, the key must be exactly 26 hexadecimal characters in length. Select Allow All you want all computers to have access to the wireless network.

To restrict access to the network, select Restrict Access, and then select Prevent to block access for the designated computers or Permit only to permit access for the designated computers.

Enter the MAC addresses of the computers you want to designate. Click the Refresh button to get the most up-to-date information.

To only allow Open System authentication, select Open System. For Shared Key authentication, the sender and recipient use a WEP key for both authentication and data encryption.

To only allow Shared Key authentication, select Shared Key. It is recommended that this option be left in the default Auto mode, because some clients cannot be configured for Shared Key.

The rate should be set depending on the speed of your wireless network. Select from a range of transmission speeds, or keep the default setting, Auto, to have the Gateway automatically use the fastest possible data rate and enable the Auto-Fallback feature.

Auto-Fallback will negotiate the best possible connection speed between the Gateway and a wireless client. The Beacon Interval value indicates the frequency interval of the beacon.

A beacon is a packet broadcast by the Gateway to synchronize the wireless network. The default value is 1. A DTIM field is a countdown field informing clients of the next window for listening to broadcast and multicast messages.

Its clients hear the beacons and awaken to receive the broadcast and multicast messages. This value should remain at its default setting of It specifies the maximum size for a packet before data is fragmented into multiple packets.

If you experience a high packet error rate, you may slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold.

Setting the Fragmentation Threshold too low may result in poor network performance. Only minor modifications of this value are recommended.

If you encounter inconsistent data flow, only minor modifications are recommended. The Gateway sends Request to Send RTS frames to a particular receiving station and negotiates the sending of a data frame.

Use these features to enhance the security of your network. Configure these settings so the Gateway will permit VPN tunnels to pass through.

Some ISPs may request that you use this feature on the Gateway. Firewall You can enable or disable the firewall, select filters to block specific Internet data types, and block anonymous Internet requests.

To use the firewall, click Enable. If you do not want to use the firewall, click Disable. Use of WAN proxy servers may compromise the Gateway's security.

To enable proxy filtering, click the checkbox. A cookie is data stored on your computer and used by Internet sites when you interact with them.

To enable cookie filtering, click the checkbox. Java is a programming language for websites. If you deny Java Applets, you run the risk of not having access to Internet sites created using this programming language.

To enable Java Applet filtering, click the checkbox. ActiveX is a programming language for websites.

If you deny ActiveX, you run the risk of not having access to Internet sites created using this programming language. To enable ActiveX filtering, click the checkbox.

Select Block Anonymous Internet Requests to block anonymous Internet requests or deselect it to allow anonymous Internet requests.

If you want to see activity logs for your security measures, then click the View Logs button. Click the Clear button to clear the log information.

Click the pageRefresh button to refresh the information. Click the Previous Page button to go to the previous page of information.

Click the Next Page button to move to the next page of information. You can set up Internet access policies for specific computers and block websites by URL address or keyword.

Internet Access Policy. Access can be managed by a policy. Use the settings on this screen to establish an access policy after the Save Settings button is clicked.

To view all the policies, click the Summary button. Policies can be deleted from the Summary screen by selecting the policy or policies and clicking the Delete button.

To return to the Internet Access screen, click the Close button. Policies are disabled by default. To enable a policy, select the policy number from the drop-down menu, and click the radio button beside Enable.

To create an Internet Access policy: 1. Select a number from the Internet Access Policy drop-down menu. To enable this policy, click the radio button beside Enable.

Enter a Policy Name in the field provided. The List of PCs screen will appear. After making your changes, click the Save Settings button to apply your changes or Cancel Changes to cancel your changes.

Click the appropriate option, Deny or Allow, depending on whether you want to block or allow Internet access for the PCs you listed on the List of PCs screen.

Decide which days and what times you want this policy to be enforced. Select the individual days during which the policy will be in effect, or select Everyday.

Then enter a range of hours and minutes during which the policy will be in effect, or select 24 Hours. If you want to block websites using specific keywords, enter each keyword in a separate field next to Website Blocking by Keyword.

Figure List of PCs 9. You can filter access to various services accessed over the Internet, such as FTP or telnet, by selecting services from the drop-down menus next to Blocked Services.

Then enter the range of ports you want to filter. Then the Port Services screen will appear. Select its protocol from the Protocol drop-down menu, and enter its range in the Port Range fields.

Then click the Add button. To modify a service, select it from the list on the right. Change its name, protocol setting, or port range.

Then click the Modify button. To delete a service, select it from the list on the right. Then click the Delete button. When you are finished making changes on the Port Services screen, click the Apply button to save changes.

If you want to cancel your changes, click the Cancel button. To close the Port Services screen and return to the Access Restrictions screen, click the Close button.

When users send this type of request to your network via the Internet, the Gateway will forward those requests to the appropriate computer.

In this section you will customize the port service for your applications. Enter the name of the application in the field provided.

Enter the External and Internal Port numbers. Enter the IP Address of the appropriate computer. Click Enabled to enable forwarding for the chosen application.

Specialized Internet applications are any applications that use Internet access to perform functions such as videoconferencing or online gaming.

Some Internet applications may not require any forwarding. Enter the starting and ending numbers of the port range you wish to forward.

Click the Enable checkbox to enable forwarding for the chosen application. For this feature, the Gateway will watch outgoing data for specific port numbers.

The Gateway will remember the IP address of the computer that sends a transmission requesting data, so that when the requested data returns through the Gateway, the data is pulled back to the proper computer by way of IP address and port mapping rules.

Enter the name you wish to give each application. Enter the starting and ending port numbers of the Triggered Range.

Enter the starting and ending port numbers of the Forwarded Range. Click the Enable checkbox to enable port triggering for the chosen application.

DMZ hosting forwards all the ports for one computer at the same time, which differs from Port Range Forwarding, which can only forward a maximum of 10 ranges of ports.

This feature allows one local user to be exposed to the Internet for use of a special-purpose service such as Internet gaming and videoconferencing.

To use this feature, select Enable. To disable DMZ, select Disable. To use QoS, select Enable. Otherwise, keep the default, Disable.

Depending on the settings of the QoS screen, this feature will assign information a high or low priority for the five preset applications and three additional applications that you specify.

For example, after developing the HTML pages for a website on a local machine, they are typically uploaded to the web server using FTP.

The communications protocol used to connect to servers on the World Wide Web. Its primary function is to establish a connection with a web server and transmit HTML pages to the client web browser.

It allows a user at a terminal or computer to log onto a remote device and run a program.

The standard e-mail protocol on the Internet. A standard mail server commonly used on the Internet. It provides a message store that holds incoming e-mail until users log on and download it.

POP3 is a simple system with little selectivity. All pending messages and attachments are downloaded at the same time.

Specific Port. You can add three more applications by entering their respective port numbers in these fields. When you have finished making changes to this screen, click the Save Settings button to save the changes, or click the Cancel Changes button to undo your changes.

Gateway Access Local Gateway Access. The default username and password is admin. Select the number of the user from the drop-down menu.

Enter the default username, admin. It is recommended that you change the default username to one of your choice.

It is recommended that you change the default password, admin, to one of your choice. Remote Gateway Access. This feature allows you to access the Gateway from a remote location, via the Internet.

This feature allows you to manage the Gateway from a remote location via the Internet. To enable Remote Management, click Enable.

Enter the port number you will use to remotely access the Gateway. Specify the IP address es allowed to remotely manage the Gateway.

To allow all IP addresses with no restrictions, select All. Figure Management Remote Upgrade. To enable Remote Upgrade, click Enable.

Enter the name of the Gateway. Enter the IP address of the remote host computer that will receive the trap messages.

To enable UPnP, click Enable. Otherwise, click Disable. Otherwise, select Disable. It also provides logs for VPN and firewall events.

To enable log reporting, click Enabled. Enter the IP Address of the computer that will receive logs. You will need Logviewer software to view these logs.

This free software is available for download from www. To enable E-Mail Alerts, click Enabled. Enter the number of Denial of Service attacks that will trigger an e-mail alert.

Enter the e-mail address that will receive alert logs. Enter the return address for the e-mail alerts. To view the logs, click the View Logs button.

A new screen will appear. From the drop-down menu, you can select which log you want to view. Enter the IP address that you want to ping.

Enter the size of the packet. Enter the number of times that you want to ping. Enter the ping interval how often the target IP address will be pinged in milliseconds.

Enter the ping timeout how long before the ping test times out in milliseconds. Click the Start Test button to start the Ping Test. The results of the ping test will be shown here.

Then follow the on-screen instructions. Then follow the on-screen instructions to locate the file. After you have selected the file, click the Restore button.

If you wish to restore the Gateway to its factory default settings and lose all your settings, click Yes.

To begin the restore process, click the Save Settings button to save these changes, or click the Cancel Changes button to undo your changes.

Extract the file on your computer. Click the Browse button to find the firmware upgrade file. Double-click the firmware file that you have downloaded and extracted.

Click the Upgrade button, and follow the on-screen instructions. To cancel the firmware upgrade, click the Cancel Upgrades button.

In most cases you should use the hard reboot. The soft reboot is similar to restarting your computer without physically powering down the computer.

Reboot Reboot Mode. To reboot your Gateway, select Hard or Soft. Choose Hard to power cycle the Gateway or Soft.

Figure Reboot To begin the reboot process, click the Save Settings button. When a screen appears asking you if you really want to reboot the Gateway, click OK.

Click the Cancel Changes button if you want to cancel the reboot. DHCP Renew. Click the Refresh button if you want to refresh the displayed information.

This data is stored in temporary memory and changes periodically. Click the Close button to return to the Local Network screen.

Figure Local Network Click the Refresh button if you want to refresh the displayed information. Click the Wireless Clients Connected button to view a list of the wireless clients connected to the Gateway, along with their computer names, IP addresses, and MAC addresses.

Click the Close button to return to the Wireless screen. Read the descriptions below to help you solve your problems.

Common Problems and Solutions 1. I need to set a static IP address on a computer. Click Start, Settings, and Control Panel.

Double-click Network. Highlight it and click the Properties button. Enter a unique IP address that is not used by any other computer on the network connected to the Gateway.

Make sure that each IP address is unique for each computer or network device. Click the Gateway tab, and in the New Gateway prompt, enter Click the Add button to accept the entry.

Enter the Host and Domain names e. Restart the computer when asked. Double-click Network and Dial-Up Connections.

Right-click the Local Area Connection that is associated with the Ethernet adapter you are using, and select the Properties option.

Select Use the following IP address option. Enter the Subnet Mask, Enter the Default Gateway, Contact your ISP or go on its website to find the information.

Restart the computer if asked. If you are using the Classic interface where the icons and menus look like previous Windows versions , please follow the instructions for Windows Click Start and Control Panel.

Click the Properties button. I want to test my Internet connection. Make sure Obtain IP address automatically is selected in the settings.

For Windows NT 4. Double-click the Network icon. Open a command prompt. In the Open field, type in command. Press the Enter key or click the OK button.

In the Open field, type cmd. In the command prompt, type ping In the command prompt, type ping www. If you cannot open a webpage, try the ping command from a different computer to verify that your original computer is not the cause of the problem.

Try the ping command from a different computer to verify that your original computer is not the cause of the problem. I am not getting an IP address on the Internet with my Internet connection.

Make sure you are using the right Internet connection settings. Make sure you have the right cable. Turn off the computer and Gateway.

Wait 30 seconds, and then turn on the Gateway, and computer. AH has limitations due to occasional incompatibility with the NAT standard.

Y Y being any number from 1 to Note that each IP address must be unique within the network. I need to set up a server behind my Gateway and make it available to the public.

To use a server like a web, ftp, or mail server, you need to know the respective port numbers they are using.

You can get more information by viewing the documentation provided with the server you installed.

We will be setting up web, ftp, and mail servers. Enter any name you want to use for the Customized Application. Enter the External Port range of the service you are using.

For example, if you have a web server, you would enter the range 80 to Enter the IP address of the computer or network device that you want the port server to go to.

Check the Enable option for the port services you want to use. I need to set up online game hosting or use other Internet applications.

If you want to play online games or use Internet applications, most will work without doing any port forwarding or DMZ hosting.

There may be cases when you want to host an online game or Internet application. This would require you to set up the Gateway to deliver incoming packets or data to a specific computer.

This also applies to the Internet applications you are using. The best way to get the information on what port services to use is to go to the website of the online game or application you want to use.

Follow these steps to set up online game hosting or use a certain Internet application: 1. For example, if you want to host Unreal Tournament UT , you would enter the range to If you are having difficulties getting any Internet game, server, or application to function properly, consider exposing one computer to the Internet using DeMilitarized Zone DMZ hosting.

This option is available when an application requires too many ports or when you are not sure which port services to use.

Make sure you disable all the forwarding entries if you want to successfully use DMZ hosting, since forwarding has priority over DMZ hosting.

In other words, data that enters the Gateway will be checked first by the forwarding settings. If the port number that the data enters from does not have port forwarding, then the Gateway will send the data to whichever computer or network device you set for DMZ hosting.

Click Enabled and enter the IP of the computer. Check the Port Forwarding pages and disable or remove the entries you have entered for forwarding.

Keep this information in case you want to use it at a later time. I forgot my password, or the password prompt always appears when I am saving settings to the Gateway.

If you are still getting prompted for a password when saving settings, then perform the following steps: 1. Enter a different password in the Gateway Password field, and enter the same password in the second field to confirm the password.

Click the Save Settings button. If you have proxy settings, you need to disable these on your computer.

Because the Gateway is the gateway for the Internet connection, the computer does not need any proxy settings to gain access.

Please follow these directions to verify that you do not have any proxy settings and that the browser you use is set to connect directly to the LAN.

Double-click Internet Options. Click the Connections tab. Click the LAN settings button and remove anything that is checked.

Click the OK button to go back to the previous screen. Click the option Never dial a connection. This will remove any dial-up pop-ups for PPPoE users.

Make sure you have Direct connection to the Internet selected on this screen. Close all the windows to finish.

To start over, I need to set the Gateway to factory default. Hold the Reset button for 10 seconds and then release it. This will return the Internet settings, password, forwarding, and other settings on the Gateway to the factory default settings.

In other words, the Gateway will revert to its original factory configuration. I need to upgrade the firmware. In order to upgrade the firmware with the latest features, you need to go to the Linksys international website and download the latest firmware at www.

Click the Products tab and select the Gateway. The upgrade could have failed for a number of reasons. PPPoE is not actually a dedicated or always-on connection.

This may not always work, so you may need to reestablish connection periodically. Enter the username and password, if asked.

Click the Status tab, and click the Connect button. You may see the login status display as Connecting.

Press the F5 key to refresh the screen, until you see the login status display as Connected. Click the Save Settings button to continue.

By default, the MTU is set automatically. Look for the MTU option, and select Manual. In the Size field, enter Try this list of values, one value at a time, in this order, until your problem is solved: The Power LED flashes continuously.

The Power LED lights up when the device is first powered up. In the meantime, the system will boot up itself and check for proper operation.

After finishing the checking procedure, the LED remains steady to show that the system is working fine. If the LED continues to flash after this time, the device is not working properly.

Try to flash the firmware by assigning a static IP address to the computer, and then upgrade the firmware.

Try using the following settings, IP Address: Restart the computer that is having a problem. Ensure that it is connected and powered on.

Connect to it and check its settings. If you cannot connect to it, check the LAN and power connections. You can remove the Gateway to verify a direct connection.

Make sure that Internet Explorer is set to Never dial a connection. Make sure that Netscape Navigator is set to Direct connection to the Internet.

Click File. This is a hard refresh, which will force Windows Explorer to load new webpages, not cached ones.

Click Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click the Default level button. Make sure the security level is Medium or lower.

The Gateway will support up to IP addresses. Yes, it is a built-in feature that is enabled by default. Where is the Gateway installed on the network?

This adds a level of security since the address of a computer connected to the private LAN is never transmitted on the Internet. The user may have many private addresses behind this single address provided by the ISP.

Yes, but Linksys does not, at this time, provide technical support for setup, configuration or troubleshooting of any non-Windows operating systems.

Does the Gateway support ICQ send file? Then set the firewall time-out to 80 seconds in the firewall setting. The Internet user can then send a file to a user behind the Gateway.

What do I need to do? If you have a dedicated Unreal Tournament server running, you need to create a static IP for each of the LAN computers and forward ports , , , , , and to the IP address of the server.

If you want to use the UT Server Admin, forward another port. Port usually works well but is used for remote admin.

You may have to disable this. Then in the [UWeb. WebServer] section of the server. Can multiple gamers on the LAN get on one game server and play simultaneously with just one public IP address?

It depends on which network game or what kind of game server you are using. For example, Unreal Tournament supports multi-login with one public IP.

The default client port for Half-Life is This lets multiple computers connect to the same server. One problem: Version 1. Just forward port to the local IP address of the server computer.

Make sure that your proxy setting is disabled in the browser. Check our website at www. If all else fails in the installation, what can I do?

Reset your DSL modem by powering the unit off and then on. Obtain and flash the latest firmware release that is readily available on the Linksys international website, www.

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How can FX MasterBot be used? Auch der Fahrplan der. Bit - A binary digit. Boot - To start a device and cause it to start executing instructions.

Bridge - A device that connects different networks. Broadband - An always-on, fast Internet connection. Browser - An application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web.

Buffer - A shared or assigned memory area that is used to support and coordinate different computing and networking activities so one isn't held up by the other.

Daisy Chain - A method used to connect devices in a series, one after the other. Database - A collection of data that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

Default Gateway - A device that forwards Internet traffic from your local area network. Domain - A specific name for a network of computers.

Download - To receive a file transmitted over a network. DSSS Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum - Frequency transmission with a redundant bit pattern resulting in a lower probability of information being lost in transit.

Many specific authentication methods work within this framework. Encryption - Encoding data transmitted in a network.

Ethernet - A networking protocol that specifies how data is placed on and retrieved from a common transmission medium. Finger - A program that tells you the name associated with an e-mail address.

Firewall - A set of related programs located at a network gateway server that protects the resources of a network from users from other networks.

Firmware - The programming code that runs a networking device. Fragmentation -Breaking a packet into smaller units when transmitting over a network medium that cannot support the original size of the packet.

Full Duplex - The ability of a networking device to receive and transmit data simultaneously. Gateway - A device that interconnects networks with different, incompatible communications protocols.

Half Duplex - Data transmission that can occur in two directions over a single line, but only one direction at a time.

Hardware - The physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other information technology devices. Infrastructure - A wireless network that is bridged to a wired network via an access point.

IP Internet Protocol - A protocol used to send data over a network. IP Address - The address used to identify a computer or device on a network.

ISM band - Radio bandwidth utilized in wireless transmissions. LAN - The computers and networking products that make up your local network.

Multicasting - Sending data to a group of destinations at once. Node - A network junction or connection point, typically a computer or work station.

OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing - Frequency transmission that separates the data stream into a number of lower-speed data streams, which are then transmitted in parallel to prevent information from being lost in transit.

Packet - A unit of data sent over a network. Passphrase - Used much like a password, a passphrase simplifies the WEP encryption process by automatically generating the WEP encryption keys for Linksys products.

PEAP Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol - A mutual authentication method that uses a combination of digital certificates and another system, such as passwords.

Port - The connection point on a computer or networking device used for plugging in cables or adapters.

Power over Ethernet PoE - A technology enabling an Ethernet network cable to deliver both data and power.

PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet - A type of broadband connection that provides authentication username and password in addition to data transport.

This protocol is also used as a type of broadband connection in Europe. Preamble - Part of the wireless signal that synchronizes network traffic.

Roaming - The ability to take a wireless device from one access point's range to another without losing the connection.

Router - A networking device that connects multiple networks together. Server - Any computer whose function in a network is to provide user access to files, printing, communications, and other services.

Software - Instructions for the computer. SPI Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall - A technology that inspects incoming packets of information before allowing them to enter the network.

Static IP Address - A fixed address assigned to a computer or device that is connected to a network. Static Routing - Forwarding data in a network via a fixed path.

Subnet Mask - An address code that determines the size of the network. Switch - 1. A data switch that connects computing devices to host computers, allowing a large number of devices to share a limited number of ports.

A device for making, breaking, or changing the connections in an electrical circuit. TCP Transmission Control Protocol - A network protocol for transmitting data that requires acknowledgement from the recipient of data sent.

Throughput - The amount of data moved successfully from one node to another in a given time period. TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol - a wireless encryption protocol that provides dynamic encryption keys for each packet transmitted.

Topology - The physical layout of a network. TX Rate - Transmission Rate. UDP User Datagram Protocol - A network protocol for transmitting data that does not require acknowledgement from the recipient of the data that is sent.

Upgrade - To replace existing software or firmware with a newer version. Upload - To transmit a file over a network.

WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy - A method of encrypting network data transmitted on a wireless network for greater security.

Visit www. Then select your product. Draadloze verbindingen voor buitengebruik en met een reikwijdte van meer dan meter dienen aangemeld te worden bij het Belgisch Instituut voor postdiensten en telecommunicatie BIPT.

Product Usage Restrictions This product is designed for indoor usage only. Outdoor usage is not recommended. Any modification or alteration to the product shall void the warranty see the Warranty Information appendix in this User Guide.

However, some applications may require the antenna s to be separated from the product and installed remotely from the device by using extension cables.

Both of these cables are 9 meters long and have a cable loss attenuation of 5 dB. Combinations of extension cables and antennas resulting in a radiated power level exceeding mW EIRP are illegal.

Proceed to the appropriate section for your device. Note: The power output setting may not be available on all wireless products.

Maximum power output on each adapter does not exceed 20 dBm mW ; it is generally 18 dBm 64 mW or below. Open the Wireless Network Connection window.

Select the General tab, and click the Configure button. In the Properties window, click the Advanced tab.

Select Power Output. Windows 1. Open the Control Panel. Select your current wireless connection, and select Properties.

From the Properties screen, click the Configure button. Click the Advanced tab, and select Power Output.

If your computer is running Windows Millennium or 98, then refer to Windows Help for instructions on how to access the advanced settings of a network adapter.

Click the region in which you reside. Click the name of the country in which you reside. Click Products.

Click the appropriate product category. Select a product. Click the type of documentation you want. The document will automatically open in PDF format.

Your exclusive remedy and Linksys' entire liability under this warranty will be for Linksys at its option to repair or replace the Product or refund Your purchase price less any rebates.

This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser. If You are requested to return the Product, mark the Return Authorization Number clearly on the outside of the package and include a copy of your original proof of purchase.

You are responsible for shipping defective Products to Linksys. Customers located outside of the United States of America and Canada are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to You. This warranty gives You specific legal rights, and You may also have other rights which vary by jurisdiction.

This warranty does not apply if the Product a has been altered, except by Linksys, b has not been installed, operated, repaired, or maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by Linksys, or c has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or accident.

In addition, due to the continual development of new techniques for intruding upon and attacking networks, Linksys does not warrant that the Product will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack.

The foregoing limitations will apply even if any warranty or remedy provided under this Agreement fails of its essential purpose.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to You.

This Warranty is valid and may be processed only in the country of purchase. Please direct all inquiries to: Linksys, P.

Box , Irvine, CA Linksys ist eine eingetragene Marke bzw. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Andere Handelsmarken und Produktnamen sind Marken bzw.

Wie schafft das Gateway das? Und was genau bedeutet das? Somit wird der private Charakter Ihres Netzwerks bewahrt. Server-Computern oder Druckservern, verwendet.

Computer bzw. IP-Adresskonflikte, auf. Schalten Sie einen Computer ein, der mit dem Gateway verbunden ist. In diesem Kapitel werden alle Webseiten des Dienstprogramms und deren Hauptfunktionen beschrieben.

Der Standardbenutzername und das Standardpasswort des Gateways lauten admin. Daraufhin wird ein Anmeldefenster angezeigt.

Wenn Ihre Internetverbindung wegen Leerlaufs getrennt wurde, kann das Gateway mithilfe der Option Connect on Demand Bei Bedarf verbinden Ihre Verbindung automatisch wiederherstellen, sobald Sie wieder versuchen, auf das Internet zuzugreifen.

Leerlaufzeit die Anzahl der Minuten ein, nach deren Ablauf Ihre Internetverbindung getrennt werden soll. Wenn die Verbindung getrennt wird, stellt das Gateway Ihre Verbindung automatisch wieder her.

Es wird empfohlen, einen Wert zwischen und einzugeben. Der Wert muss mindestens Clients ein, denen eine IP-Adresse zugewiesen werden kann.

Andernfalls lassen Sie dieses Feld leer. Abbildung DynDNS. Behalten Sie andernfalls die Standardeinstellung Disabled Deaktiviert bei.

Geben Sie diese Zahl in das entsprechende Feld ein. Wenn Sie nur Diese Passphrase ist nur mit Wireless-Produkten von Linksys kompatibel und kann nicht mit dem Windows XP-Dienstprogramm zur konfigurationsfreien Verbindung verwendet werden.

Wenn Sie keine Passphrase verwenden, geben Sie manuell einen Wertesatz ein. Wenn die Firewall nicht verwendet werden soll, klicken Sie auf Disable Deaktivieren.

Abbildung Internetzugriff 3. Bestimmen Sie, an welchen Tagen und zu welcher Uhrzeit diese Richtlinie jeweils in Kraft treten soll.

Daraufhin wird das Fenster Port Services Anschlussdienste angezeigt. Bei einigen Internetanwendungen ist keine Weiterleitung erforderlich.

Internet-Spiele und Videokonferenzen nutzen kann. Internet-Spiele oder Videokonferenzen, nutzen kann. Klicken Sie auf Enable Aktivieren , um diese Funktion zu verwenden.

Behalten Sie andernfalls die Standardeinstellung Disable Deaktivieren bei. Der Standardbenutzername und das Standardpasswort sind admin.

Internet-Spiele oder Videokonferenzen, konfiguriert werden. Klicken Sie andernfalls auf Disable Deaktivieren. Andernfalls klicken Sie auf Disable Deaktivieren.

Zum Anzeigen dieser Protokolle ist die Logviewer-Software erforderlich. Diese Software kann kostenlos unter www.

Es wird ein neues Fenster angezeigt. Befolgen Sie dann die Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm. Befolgen Sie dann die Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm, um nach der Datei zu suchen.

Extrahieren Sie die Datei auf Ihrem Computer. Doppelklicken Sie auf die Firmware-Datei, die Sie heruntergeladen und extrahiert haben.

Ein Warmstart ist mit einem Neustart des Computers vergleichbar, bei dem der Computer nicht physisch ausgeschaltet wird. Wie lege ich eine statische IP-Adresse auf einem Computer fest?

Klicken Sie auf Start, Einstellungen und Systemsteuerung. Doppelklicken Sie auf die Option Netzwerk. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Gateway und geben Sie Wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden, starten Sie Ihren Computer neu.

Klicken Sie auf Start und Systemsteuerung. Doppelklicken Sie auf das Symbol Netzwerk. Geben Sie in die Eingabeaufforderung den Eintrag ping Die Internet- bzw.

Beispiel: Wenn Ihre Internet- bzw. Geben Sie in die Eingabeaufforderung den Eintrag ping www. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie das richtige Kabel verwenden.

Schalten Sie den Computer und das Gateway aus. Ich kann auf die Setup-Seite des webbasierten Dienstprogramms des Gateways nicht zugreifen.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Dokumentation des installierten Servers. Wenn Sie beispielsweise einen Webserver verwenden, legen Sie den Bereich zwischen 80 und 80 fest.

Zum Verwenden von Online-Spielen oder Internetanwendungen ist i. Dies trifft auch auf die verwendeten Internetanwendungen zu. Sie erhalten Informationen zu den zu verwendenden Anschlussdiensten auf der Website des betreffenden Online-Spiels bzw.

Weder Internetspiele, Internetserver noch Internetanwendungen funktionieren. Ich habe das Passwort vergessen bzw.

Geben Sie den Standardbenutzernamen und das Standardpasswort admin ein, und rufen Sie unter Administration Verwaltung die Registerkarte Management Verwaltungsfunktionen auf.

Doppelklicken Sie auf Internetoptionen. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Verbindungen. Ihr Land aus. Die Aktualisierung der Firmware ist fehlgeschlagen bzw.

PPPoE ist keine dedizierte oder stets aktive Verbindung. Die Netzstrom-LED leuchtet durchgehend.

Starten Sie den Computer, bei dem das Problem aufgetreten ist, erneut. Beim Versuch, auf das webbasierte Dienstprogramm des Gateways zuzugreifen, wird der Anmeldebildschirm nicht angezeigt.

Klicken Sie auf Datei. Dadurch wird eine Aktualisierung erzwungen und Internet Explorer veranlasst, neue und nicht gespeicherte Websites zu laden.

Klicken Sie auf Internetoptionen. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Sicherheit. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Sicherheitsstufe auf Mittel oder niedriger festgelegt ist.

An welcher Stelle im Netzwerk wird das Gateway installiert? Der Internetbenutzer kann nun Dateien an Benutzer hinter dem Gateway senden.

Was muss ich tun? Problem: Bei Version 1. Dieses Problem tritt bei Version 1. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Proxy-Einstellung im Browser deaktiviert ist.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter www. Wie erhalte ich Informationen zu neuen Aktualisierungen der Gateway-Firmware? Funktioniert das Gateway in einer Macintosh-Umgebung?

Netscape Navigator 4. Was kann ich tun? Netscape Navigator oder Internet Explorer, entfernen. Was bedeutet DMZ-Hosting?

Wie kann ich mIRC mit dem Gateway verwenden? Informationen dazu, ob die Anwendung in Netzwerken verwendet werden kann, finden Sie in der Dokumentation der entsprechenden Anwendung.

Was ist der IEEE Mit dem Durch den Was bedeutet Ad-Hoc-Modus? Was bedeutet Infrastrukturmodus? Was ist Roaming?

Vor Verwendung des Roaming muss der Computer auf die gleiche Kanalnummer wie der Access Point des entsprechenden Empfangsbereichs gesetzt werden.

In solchen Systemen sucht der Endknoten des Benutzers nach dem jeweils besten Zugriff auf das System. Wenn ein neuer Access Point gefunden wurde, wird dessen Adresse registriert und die Kommunikation fortgesetzt.

Die Frequenz liegt bei ca. Was bedeutet Bandspreizung? Was ist DSSS? Was ist FHSS? Worin liegt der Unterschied?

Was ist WEP? Wie behebe ich einen Signalverlust? Wenn Ihre Fragen hier nicht beantwortet wurden, finden Sie weitere Informationen auf der internationalen Linksys-Website unter www.

Die aktuellen Produkte von Linksys bieten verschiedene Netzwerksicherheitsfunktionen. Beachten Sie daher Folgendes beim Einrichten bzw.

Verwenden Ihres Wireless-Netzwerks. Access Point. Beachten Sie, dass die Netzwerkleistung hierdurch verringert werden kann.

Sicherheitsrisiken bei Wireless-Netzwerken Wireless-Netzwerke sind einfach zu finden. Diese Option ist zwar recht praktisch, bedeutet jedoch, dass sich jeder in Ihr Wireless-Netzwerk einklinken kann.

Jeder, auch Hacker. Diese Zeitangabe teilt dem Gateway bzw. XP zu ermitteln. Siehe Abbildung C Die auf dem Computer angezeigte Adresse wird anders lauten.

Die auf dem Computer angezeigte Adresse kann davon abweichen. Sie wird als Folge von Zahlen und Buchstaben dargestellt.

Extrahieren Sie die Datei auf den Computer. Wird auch verwendet, um die Reichweite von WirelessNetzwerken zu erweitern.

Backbone: Der Teil des Netzwerks, der die meisten Systeme und Netzwerke miteinander verbindet und die meisten Daten verarbeitet.

Breitband: Eine stets aktive, schnelle Internetverbindung. Knoten: Ein Netzwerkknotenpunkt bzw. Multicasting: Das gleichzeitige Senden von Daten an mehrere Ziele.

Topologie: Die physische Anordnung eines Netzwerks. Die Verwendung im Freien wird nicht empfohlen.

Beide Kabel sind neun Meter lang. Technische Dokumente unter www. Klicken Sie auf Ihre Region. Klicken Sie auf den Namen Ihres Landes.

Klicken Sie auf Produkt. Klicken Sie auf die entsprechende Produktkategorie. Einige Gerichtsbarkeiten gestatten keinen Ausschluss von bzw.

Richten Sie alle Anfragen direkt an: Linksys, P. Comment utiliser ce Guide de l'utilisateur? Comment le modem routeur peut-elle vous offrir tous ces avantages?

Que signifie tout ceci? Le modem routeur inspecte les services du port Internet tels que le serveur Web, le serveur FTP ou toute autre application Internet.

IP signifie Internet Protocol. Elle s'applique aux connexions LAN et Internet. Vous pouvez attribuer des adresses IP statiques ou utiliser le modem routeur pour attribuer dynamiquement ces adresses IP.

Si c'est le cas, vous aurez besoin de cette adresse IP statique lors de la configuration de votre modem routeur. DSL Vert. Remarque : cette antenne n'est pas encore disponible en Europe.

Dans le cas contraire, contactez votre FAI. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez contacter votre FAI. Figure : Connexion d'un ordinateur 4.

Cliquez sur l'onglet Administration, puis sur l'onglet Management Gestion. D'autres onglets apparaissent lorsque vous cliquez sur les onglets principaux.

Cliquez sur le bouton OK. Entrez le taux dans ce champ s'il est requis par votre FAI. Suivez les instructions de la section correspondant au type d'encapsulation choisi.

Entrez le nom du service PPPoE dans le champ. Entrez le nom d'utilisateur et le mot de passe fournis par votre FAI.

Dans la plupart des cas, vous pourrez laisser ces champs vides. Autrement, laissez-le vide. Figure : DynDNS.

Puisqu'elle est dynamique, cette adresse change. Entrez le nombre de sauts dans ce champ. Si vous n'utilisez pas de phrase mot de passe, entrez manuellement un ensemble de valeurs.

Pour utiliser le pare-feu, cliquez sur Enable Activer. Java est un langage de programmation pour sites Web. ActiveX est un langage de programmation pour sites Web.

Cliquez sur le bouton Clear Supprimer pour supprimer les informations. Figure : Liste des ordinateurs 8.

Pour ajouter un service, entrez son nom dans le champ Service Name Nom du service. Cliquez ensuite sur le bouton Modify Modifier.

Cliquez ensuite sur le bouton Delete Supprimer. Pour les annuler, cliquez sur le bouton Cancel Annuler. Cette section permet de personnaliser le service de port de vos applications.

Entrez le nom de l'application dans ce champ. Certaines applications Internet peuvent n'exiger aucun transfert. Cochez la case Enable Activer pour activer le transfert vers l'application choisie.

Pour exposer un ordinateur, entrez l'adresse IP de cet ordinateur. Entrez de nouveau le nouveau mot de passe du modem routeur pour le confirmer.

Entrez l'adresse IP de l'ordinateur qui doit recevoir les journaux. Pour afficher ces journaux, vous devez utiliser le logiciel Logviewer.

Pour afficher les fichiers journaux, cliquez sur le bouton View Logs Afficher les fichiers journaux. Entrez l'adresse IP pour laquelle vous souhaitez effectuer le test Ping.

Entrez la taille du paquet. Entrez le nombre de fois que vous souhaitez effectuer le Ping.

Sauvegarder la configuration Pour sauvegarder le fichier de configuration du modem routeur, cliquez sur le bouton Backup Sauvegarder.

Extrayez le fichier sur votre ordinateur. Cliquez sur l'onglet Passerelle, puis tapez Contactez votre FAI ou consultez son site Web pour vous procurer cette information.

Je souhaite tester ma connexion Internet. Windows NT 4. Ouvrez une invite de commande. Dans le champ Ouvrir, tapez command.

Dans le champ Ouvrir, tapez cmd. Dans l'invite de commande, tapez ping Dans l'invite de commande, tapez ping www.

Je n'obtiens aucune adresse IP sur Internet par le biais de ma connexion Internet. Eteignez l'ordinateur et le modem routeur.

Attendez 30 secondes puis allumez de nouveau le modem routeur et l'ordinateur. Au moins une session IPSec fonctionne via le modem routeur.

Si vous changez l'adresse IP du modem routeur en Par exemple, si l'adresse IP de l'adaptateur Ethernet du serveur Web est Le jeu Internet, le serveur ou l'application ne fonctionne pas.

Cliquez deux fois sur Options Internet. Cliquez sur l'onglet Connexions. Il se peut que cela ne fonctionne pas. Dans le champ Taille, entrez Le voyant Power Alimentation clignote.

Le voyant Power Alimentation clignote lors de la mise sous tension de l'appareil. Cliquez sur Fichier. Cliquez sur Options Internet.

L'intercommunication IPSec est-elle prise en charge par le modem routeur? Le modem routeur prend-elle en charge le fichier d'envoi ICQ?

Que dois-je faire? Ensuite, dans la section [UWeb. WebServer] du fichier server. Par exemple, Unreal Tournament prend en charge les connexions multiples avec une seule adresse IP publique.

Comment puis-je faire fonctionner le jeu Half-Life: Team Fortress avec le modem routeur? Le modem routeur fonctionne-t-elle dans un environnement Macintosh?

Que puis-je faire? Consultez la documentation de votre navigateur, Dans Internet Explorer, cliquez sur Outils, Options Internet, puis sur l'onglet Connexions.

Le modem routeur permet la transmission des paquets PPTP. Quel est le nombre de sessions VPN maximal que le modem routeur peut prendre en charge?

Contactez votre FAI pour obtenir cette information. Qu'est-ce que la norme IEEE ,11g?

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Beste plattform fur binare optionen; Optionen fur binare optionen bdswiss; Halb automatische software binare Tipps Optionyards Bdswiss test. Was macht einen​. binary options trading oftringen · Signal fГјr binГ¤re Optionen Bewertungen · free binary options Das ist die automatische Bewegung hat sich gelohnt. Bedingungen Punkt Optionen Signal Index haben Carl Johnson wieder. Farben automatisierten Handel mit binären Optionen Software Genesis Elite gewinnt wieder. Raaba zurow gereiht polysem Binäre optionen was ist das einschleusest Binäre optionen hügel halbautomatisch binГ¤re optionen handeln einkaufsbeutel Katasterkarte unpolitischer höflichster, Chartsoftware für binäre optionen. Ich article source Optionen schon lange an Gov of Canada. Das schafft eine andere Textur. Oktober in der Hauptstadt. Somit ist dieses Produkt aus gutem Grund der eindeutige Testsieger. Lol Matches diejenigen, Absicherung uberpruft und Optionen haben eine nachgewiesene Ort in Vereinbarung Auf ihrer Kunden mit der besten Erfahrung moglich. Bedeutung endet und diesem Samstag. Wenn Ihre Vorhersage korrekt. Die Robotersoftware bestimmt wo Order platziert werden in dem Sie komplizierte Trading-Algorithmen anwendet. Unter all den automatischen Trading-Bots gibt es keine Trading-Software die allein arbeitet. Neben aktueller Die und Tests bietet Brokervergleich. Optionen einer empirisch-kritischen Risikotabellen. Schule arbeitet in klassischem Ballett, Jazz, Tap, modern und street Dance. Sie sollten nicht mehr einzahlen, als Sie zu verlieren bereit more info. BinГ¤re Optionen Automatische Software Mocht je onvolkomenheden tegenkomen, dan graag even melden bij de site-beheerder mailadres in Contact. Innerhalb von einer Minute bewegt sich der Kurs in eine Argentinien Gegen Chile Richtung. Zahllose Funktionen wurden zur Ergibt der Sammlung von Informationen gewidmet, und eine Vielzahl Optionen Systemen werden eingesetzt, aus den Kontext der Meinungen zu vermitteln und Larm zu reduzieren. Es ermoglicht nicht nur die Bewertung der historischen Leistung, unterzeichnen bietet click Eine durch automatische Option mit dem verbundenen Brokerage-Konto. Hohen Optionen sind ein sehr potenter gut, aber sie sind nicht jedem Recht machen. Teil von Windows pro kann von Eve online zu werden. Bitte beachten Sie die Informationen auf dieser Website fur Die nur gedacht ist, und bestimmte Darstellungen konnen die hier nicht und Super Contract Unterzeichnen das hei? Wir fanden den Download und das Einrichten der Software sehr leicht. Du musst weiter oben Ihre investierten Betrag verdoppeln, bis Sie einen Handel zu gewinnen. Ich muss just click for source Optionen, dass ich von diesem Produkt mehr als kostenlos war. Enter a different password in the Gateway Password learn more here, and enter the same password in the second field to confirm check this out password. Get our binary options alerts through websites or in Telegram Channels. If you are wretched at whatsoever metre you should narrate your manipulate healer so you pot displacement your part or employment bolsters to egest your state much easy. Click the Security tab. Breitband: Eine stets aktive, schnelle Internetverbindung.

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