W.A.N.T. – We All Need That.

Here you can find the best!

Events, Stores, Sims, Hunts, Fairs, Sales, Music Events and News from SecondLife!

We help you to promote and find the best of the Virtual World!



❖ 1st Winner: 3.000 L$

❖ 2nd Winner: 2.000 L$

❖ 3rd Winner: 1.000 L$


– Join our Group In World

– Invite 5 Friends of yours in our Group!

– Create a Pick in your Profile at W.A.N.T. – Headquarter.

– Delete the description at the Pick and write there
the names of your 5 Friends that you Invited in our group!

– Join our Flickr Group

– Like our Facebook Page







 Inworld Group


The Give Away will end on Monday, July 31 and we will announce the winners in our Website: https://wantsl.com .

We will randomly choose 3 winners from the Group, if someone doesn’t follow the rules he/she will get replaced.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for choosing us!

W.A.N.T. Team

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