MadChat is here!

BIG NEWS! We have a brand new group gift in the Store!

 We’ve created MadChat

 Never sit through awkward silences again with the MadChat party game!

Perfect for parties, to use at clubs or events, or just when hanging out with friends at home. Created by MadPea, this fun chat game supplies the questions and makes sure the conversation flows all night long. There is no right or wrong answer, just great conversation and lots of laughs. With over 150 questions in each pack, this game can be played again and again without fear of repetition.

Each game is simple – rez the MadChat card box and take it in turns to click for a random question. Before you know it you will be deep in conversation and learning more about each other with every turn.

Step Back in Time version is available for FREE for MadPeas Group members and Fears, Fetishes & Fantasies and Have You Ever… are available as new store releases!

We hope you enjoy! Get MAD, Get Chatting! <3


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