Cynefin new Release!

Info from the Designer:

Projection Lighting Kit

 I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with materials and lighting in Second Life. One of the things I’ve been focused on is how to introduce new effects into my photos without the need for post-processing.

This is a set of 72 Projector lights designed to add unique color casts to photos and scenes.

 If you haven’t played with projector lights, they’re quite fun and can lead to some really interesting effects!

Usage is super-simple and no configuration is needed!

1. Attach the HUD and click on the lights you want (which get put in your inventory).

2. Rez and position the lights.

3. That’s pretty much it!

You can also:

• Click on any rezed light to switch it on or off.

• Say “hide” or “show” in local chat to hide and show all rezed lights respectively. Handy for getting them out of the way for shots!

While the lights are pre-configured, they can be edited if you are a more advanced user.

Want to learn how to edit them? I also included a short guide I wrote on how to do so!

Advanced Lighting is required for these lights to work, just in case you’re not using it.



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